Don’t keep your genius a secret! People need to know about the awesome stuff you’re recommending on Kit. Here are a few tips to make sure your voice gets heard:

  1. 👻 Share where you’re social: Link to your profile, or share your Kit username, wherever you’re getting social (think YouTube, Instagram, etc…). This way, followers are just a click, or a search, away from finding your gear.

  2. 🛏️ Embed your kit: If you have a blog, or a website, our kit embeds are a great way to show off your recommendations. Here’s an example from @renee's website. To embed a kit, just hit the embed button at the top of your kit.

  3. 🔗 Link from your website: Another way Kit can integrate into a website is by placing a link in your navbar, sidebar, or footer—like on this website

  4. 📢 Ask people to follow you on Kit: Once you’ve shared your kits, tell people to follow you, so they get a notification when you make, or update, a kit.

Remember, sharing is caring, so go share your kits. 😊

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