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How is Kit able to remain free to use?
How is Kit able to remain free to use?
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To help keep Kit running free of charge, we rely on a few different ways of generating revenue.


You may see ads across a handful of locations on our site, which provides a small source of passive revenue for the platform. We don’t love them, but for the time being, they are a necessary evil to help support the service.

We are currently running ads on our Home Page, and at the bottom of user-created Kits - if you see an ad that you do not believe is appropriate for Kit, please let us know!

Passive” Clickshare

For clicks to storefronts where creators have not added corresponding affiliate codes, we will insert our own “in-house” Tracking ID’s in order to passively collect commissions. Please note that this only applies to storefronts where you do NOT already have a Tracking ID added, and this does not apply to creators who connect a Geniuslink account.

Once an affiliate ID for a specific program has been added, your clicks will be “Actively click shared” as described below.

Active” Clickshare

If you have NOT connected a Geniuslink account with your Kit profile you can still affiliate all of your links, but it’s important to note that 75% of the clicks on all non-Amazon links will be affiliated with your connected IDs. Kit’s own “in-house” affiliate IDs will be inserted for 25% of the clicks to your non-Amazon links which is used to help our platform generate the additional revenue needed to keep Kit maintained and free for all users.


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