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What affiliate programs do you support?
What affiliate programs do you support?
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With the release of our multi-retailer update, we are also introducing support for a number of new retailers, as well as support for each of their respective affiliate programs.

This expands our list of supported affiliate programs from the initial 5, to 26 - and we’ll continue to expand this list based on feedback from our users. Not seeing an affiliate program for a retailer you recommend? Let us know, and we may include it in our next update.

To help decide which affiliate programs to sign up for, we’ve also added an automatically updating list of your recommended affiliate programs based on the products in the kits you’ve built and the matches we’ve found. You can find this list on the Monetization page of your account. Simply click “Your Recommended Affiliate Programs” at the top of the page to see your list.

To maximize your commissions we recommend signing up for each of the recommended affiliate programs that match the retailers most common and respected in your industry and then adding your affiliate tracking information into the Monetize tab of your Kit account.

You do not need to sign up for ALL of these programs, but consider casting a wider net if you’re only leveraging a single program such as Amazon.

Kit offers automatic affiliation support and product matching (*for most, but not all retailers) listed below:



General Retail

Camera / Video / Lighting

Computer / Consumer Electronics

Books / Music

Health / Beauty


Retiring Flipkart and eBay

Unfortunately, with our most recent update, we are retiring affiliate support for Ebay and Flipkart, two of the five affiliate programs that Kit previously supported.

While we’d love to support eBay and their eBay Partner Network, their terms of service prevented us from including them in this update. However, in a future release we hope to return affiliation support for eBay.

The decision to remove support for Flipkart was related to the very low usage of the Flipkart affiliate program across Kit, the challenges associated with getting accepted into the program and getting paid, as well as the very limited commissions one could earn from their affiliate program. If/when the Flipkart affiliate program opens up access to their affiliate program and changes its terms to become a more viable revenue stream for creators, we’d also be happy to reconsider.

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