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How does automatic country detection for Amazon links work?
How does automatic country detection for Amazon links work?
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Automatic country detection, powered by Geniuslink, helps you earn more Amazon commissions from your international traffic by automatically localizing Amazon product links in your Kits.

People from all over the world are checking out your kits. But when a visitor from outside the US follows your links, their chances of making a purchase decrease. With automatic country detection for Amazon links, visitors who click your Amazon links will be instantly routed to the Amazon store for their home region, where they will see a more familiar currency, language and better shipping options. For example, if someone from France clicks on a camera you recommend from, they will automatically be taken to the same camera on, where they are more likely to buy and earn you a commission.

Your affiliate codes for the other Amazon regions will be automatically included in your localized product links. That, combined with higher international conversions, will help you earn more money from Kit.

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