What is Geniuslink?
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Geniuslink is the largest intelligent link management platform supporting the Amazon affiliate ecosystem worldwide, and we know many of you also take advantage of a Geniuslink account.

However, even if you don’t have a Geniuslink account, if you’ve been using Kit you’ve been taking advantage of Geniuslink’s technology -- since Geniuslink’s acquisition of Kit in 2019, all Amazon links on Kit are localized through Geniuslink to help you earn more international commissions, and more recently, we’ve since rolled out a dedicated account integration for creators who use both Kit and Geniuslink.

While having a Geniuslink account is absolutely not necessary for your success on Kit, we highly recommend signing up for an account, and connecting it with your existing Kit account. Doing so not only ensures you receive 100% of your affiliate commissions, but provides many other benefits to help you better achieve your monetization goals.

Here are three additional reasons to connect your Geniuslink account to Kit:

  • Geniuslink provides much more in-depth reporting, including insights across geography, language, browser, device, OS, and product type to name a few.

  • Additionally, the Geniuslink dashboard provides “Link Health” reports for your Amazon links so you can quickly identify those Amazon links that are out of stock (low conversion) or are no longer available (very low conversion) or simply no longer work (no conversion).

  • Finally, Geniuslink provides affiliate program management for many different affiliate programs. More than three dozen different programs are supported directly inside Geniuslink and can be managed via the dashboard. In addition, and most relevant for the Kit Multi-Retailer launch, is that Geniuslink also supports the two largest affiliate aggregators -- Skimlinks and Sovrn Commerce. These affiliate aggregators allow you to take advantage of tens of thousands of affiliate programs automatically (you don’t have to sign up for each one!) and send you a check monthly for your combined earnings. Please note, that while these affiliate aggregators are a major time saver their service charges a 25% cut of your commissions, however, they are still often very much worth the time and effort.

Please note that Geniuslink is a paid subscription service, starting at $5/mo. Clicks sent through your Kit account after connecting your Geniuslink account will be reported and billed to your Geniuslink account. For information on costs, please check out our pricing page.

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