If you've previously shared your Kits on your WordPress site before, you'll probably be dreading finding those links manually in order to update them now that we have switched to Kit.co. Fear not! With a free WordPress plugin called Better Search Replace, you can quickly and easily update all the Kit.com links on your site to Kit.co.

Here's a quick gif that runs through the entire process. 

Can't see what's happening? Here are the steps you'll want to follow: 

  1. Navigate to the Plugins tab of your WordPress Dashboard.

  2. Click "Add New", then search for "Better Search and Replace" in the search bar. 

  3. Install the "Better Search and Replace" plugin by clicking on "Install Now" then activate it by clicking on "Activate Plugin."

  4. Next, navigate to your Tools tab in your WordPress Dashboard. If the plugin is activated, you should see "Better Search and Replace" as an option in your Tools.

  5.  Type "Kit.com" in the "Search For" text field - this is the text we want to replace. 

  6.  Type "Kit.co" in the "Replace With" text field - this is the text we're replacing Kit.com with. 

  7. Make sure you select the correct table/DB from the list - for most WordPress sites this should be the "Posts" table. 

  8. Lastly, make sure to un-select the "Dry Run" option. You may find it useful to test the plugin with this setting enabled at first if you're unsure if there are any links to replace - just make sure you disabled the setting when you are ready to update your links. 

  9. That's it! Once you have completed these steps you should successfully find and replace all instances of Kit.com on your site with Kit.co.
    NOTE: This should work for embedded Kits, as well as Kits added to your website via our WP Plugin. 

Additionally, here's a fantastic video walk-though from one of our power users, Joe Casabona. 

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