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How do I connect my YouTube channel to Kit?
How do I connect my YouTube channel to Kit?
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Connecting your YouTube channel with Kit is the easiest and fastest way to ensure that your audience can easily access the gear that you use! You can:

  • Automatically append a link to your Kit profile in video descriptions for new and/or existing YouTube videos you create.

  • New: Allow us to automatically update any deprecated links in your descriptions to the newer URL. See How to Convert links to below.

How to Connect your YouTube Channel to your Kit profile.

In order to connect your YouTube channel, log into your kit account, and navigate to the Social settings page.

From here, you will need to select the “Connect YouTube” button. This will then prompt you to sign into the Google account associated with your YouTube channel, and will ask you to provide Kit with access to your Google Account.

Granting Kit access will give the service permission to manage your YouTube video descriptions, in order to automatically add your profile page to each of them. 

Once you have granted access you should be returned to the Social settings page, with a green check mark next to “Connected YouTube.” Additionally, the “Append a link to your Kit profile in new videos” toggle will be enabled by default. 

Once this has been enabled, Kit will automatically add your profile link to every new YouTube video that you upload.

E.G. “▶ Check out my gear on Kit:”

Additionally, you can easily share your Kit profile link within YouTube videos that you have already uploaded to YouTube, by selecting the “Click here” button below the toggle. 

NOTE: As of 12/3/19, Backfilling your videos will also convert any links within your YouTube video descriptions to links.  

That’s it! Now any new videos you upload to YouTube will automatically have your profile link added to them to ensure that your viewers always stay up to date with the products you recommend. 

Want to turn this off? No problem! Simply flip the toggle back off, and we will no longer add your profile link to your YouTube videos. However, it is important to note that all previously added links will remain on your video descriptions.

How to Convert links to

Once you've connected your YouTube channel to your Kit account, converting any links within your descriptions to is as simple as flipping a switch! Navigate to the Social settings page, and simply click on the toggle next to “Convert links to”

Once you have opted into this, your channel will be added to a queue, and we will automatically crawl through your videos to update any link to Please note that this will not be instantaneous, and based on expected volume may take a few days to be completed. If you are needing more immediate results, we recommend checking out TubeBuddy’s Bulk Find, Replace & Append tool.

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