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How to add your Impact Radius IDs
How to add your Impact Radius IDs

Find and connect your credentials for Target, Walmart, Moment, Best Buy, The Home Depot,, Kohls, and Adorama!

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In this article, we'll be walking through how to find your Impact affiliate parameters as well as how to connect them to your Kit account so you can start earning commissions from more great affiliate programs.

We currently have auto-affiliation support for Target, Walmart, Moment, Best Buy, The Home Depot,, Bass Pro Shops, Kohl's, and Adorama on Impact Radius.

Obtaining your Media Partner ID

On your Impact Radius dashboard, click the Impact Radius Icon (or your affiliate program's store logo) in the top left corner. A dropdown menu will appear. Under your username for your store's affiliate account, there will be a seven-digit number; this number is your Media Partner ID.

Copy this number and navigate to the Monetize page of your Kit account, find the program you are trying to add your ID for, and paste this value into the corresponding field. Once added, simply hit "Save Changes" to save this ID.

That's it! Once you have your Media Partner ID connected and saved in your Monetize page, we will automatically begin affiliating any links that you build for this store!

Additionally, if you would like to replace your Impact Radius affiliate parameters, simply follow the same steps for adding a program, and repeat this process to replace the original ID.

Note: If you do not have a Geniuslink account connected, affiliation for all non-Amazon storefronts is subject to a 25% "clickshare" rate. We will substitute our own "in-house" ID's for ~25% of traffic non-Amazon destinations receive.

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