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How do I disable Multi-Retailer Buttons?
How do I disable Multi-Retailer Buttons?

What if I don't want the extra retailer buttons provided?

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We automatically generate "product matches" for the Amazon products you add to, in an attempt to provide more buying options for consumers, and more monetization options for our users.

The only way to disable retailer buttons is to connect a paid Geniuslink account - it is not possible to disable these buttons if you are on a free account. However, as soon as you connect a Geniuslink account, you can toggle any unwanted buttons to "off." You can check out this blog article we published to get a better idea of how things work.

While it may seem counterintuitive at first glance, we're confident that the addition of multiple retailer buttons should actually increase your conversions, and NOT direct traffic away from your other affiliate links. The studies we've done with our clients have found that even if you are not affiliating for all retailers, the addition of other options actually improves conversions for the retailers you are affiliating with - due to a sort of "halo effect" that occurs when consumers are able to comparison shop between retailers.

Unaffiliated retailer buttons allow to generate some passive revenue to support the service. You can always add affiliate IDs or sign up for them in order to maximize your monetization.

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