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How to: Kit Analytics

Where can I find out more about clicks, views and overall performance?

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Getting all mathematical with your Kits but need a bit of guidance crunching those numbers?

We’re here to help! Keep reading for more details on how to access, read and understand Analytics. As always, if you have further questions or feedback, hit us up at

How do I access Analytics?
To see Kit Analytics, head over to your Kit profile (, and click on the analytics tab:

What is a Kit View?
When someone views your kit page, it is counted as a Kit View.

This is a Kit page. When viewed, a Kit View is counted.

What is a Product Click?
A ‘Product Click’ is counted when someone clicks or taps the “View on Retailer” button located on a product recommendation. Here’s an example of what the button looks like for a product on Amazon:

Overview Graph
At the top of the Analytics tab, you’ll see a graph that looks like this:

This Overview Graph displays combined statistics for all of your Kits for the past 30 days. Click on the tabs to see a daily breakdown of your statistics for Kit Views, Product Views and Product Clicks.

Individual kit performance
Beneath the Overview Graph you will see the name of each of your Kits. Next to each Kit name you can see its Kit Views, Product Views, and Product Clicks for the past 30 days.

Individual product performance
On the left side of each Kit name there’s a grey down arrow that you can click or tap to expand. Once expanded you’ll see Product Views and Product Clicks for each individual product within the Kit for the past 30 days.

Kit Analytics date range
Kit Analytics currently shows data for the past 30 days.

Deleted products and kits
When you delete a product or a Kit, their statistics will no longer appear in Analytics.

Where do I find embed statistics?
At the moment, embed statistics are not available in Kit Analytics.

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