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How do I make money on Kit?
How do I make money on Kit?
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Most Kit creators earn money via affiliate programs with retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, and more. Simply put, when you join an affiliate program, you will earn commissions whenever a visitor clicks your link and goes on to make a purchase from the retailer. 

Once you sign up with the affiliate program(s) of your choice, there are two ways to use them on Kit:

You can always paste your special affiliate links directly into your Kits.

Automatic (easiest)
We have built-in support for popular programs, such as Amazon's international storefronts, to save you time. For these, you can enter your affiliate IDs in your "Monetize" settings once, and they will be applied any time you add a regular product link for that retailer. Even better, if you enable automatic country detection in your Amazon settings, we will automatically localize them through Geniuslink to boost your international sales. 

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